I'm Mohammad Zeeshan

Creative Developer

26 years young, photographer, coffee addict.

Hello, My Name is Zee.

Mohammad Zeeshan, 26 years young, born in Colombo and grew up in Cholistan. Highly motivated creative developer with two years job experience in Dubai.

I have been a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have worked as Software Developer at Intel Corporation, where I spent most of my time crafting and working on awesome projects. I am also the lucky recipient of the DAAD German Fitweltweit Award and MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund for research.

Creative Entrepreneur, Idea factory and Data Scientist. I have received full time internship offers from Amazon, University of California in Berkely and SuSE. I have worked for Allianz SE as Data Scientist working on scaling Machine Learning algorithms. My interest is in Software Engineering roles with or without a focus on Machine Learning.

Contact Details

  • Mohammad Zeeshan
  • Albany St
  • Cambridge MA, 02139
  • +1 857 234 0766
  • zeeshan@mit.edu
  • www.mohammadzeeshan.com

My Latest Work

I'm looking to expand my portfolio while I'm on top and while I'm young.

All these photographs used below are shot by me by my Nikon D90 DSLR ;)

Enterprise Bank Mobile App

H2O.ai - Working at Allianz on this

Nomad - Using this for Cluster Management at Allianz

Docker - Using to create Linux instances at Allianz

Photo Frames B210 - Create HD Photo Greetings! 5000+ users

Aura VR - An augmented reality based social network

Torch Convolutional Neural Networks

Unsupervised Learning - For mild traumatic brain injury patient classification

What I'm Doing

I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way.


I work as a Data Scientist at Global Data Analytics Dept. at Allianz HQ in Munich. Frameworks I use include H2O, Nomad, Docker on Linux Ubuntu. I have taken an Advanced Machine Learning lab from Prof. Dr. Martin Riedmiller who now works for the Google DeepMind.


I have implemented in Matlab: Kalman Filters, People footsteps tracking with dynamic programming, K-Means and heirarchial clustering. have taken the Master's course on Human Oriented Robotics


Tinglabs is a just for fun, non-registered startup my tech-junkie friend and I started back in 2010. Under the name we were able to develop an Android app with over one million downloads, a Unity game and an openCV based augmented reality social network. We use JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, Asana and bitbucket. We have ten plus enthusiasts working with us! :)


I have worked on the bank’s official website at habibbank.com which serves localized web-pages for bank's presence in ten countries. I wrote complete implementation of JavaScript for the website during its revamping. I was also responsible for resolving several compatibility issues that came up while browsing the website on IE version 6 and above.


I moved to Dubai for my first job in 2012. I worked for a multinational Swiss bank for 2.5 years developing risk intensive financial systems in Java. Developed an automated recurring-payments management system which replaces post-dated cheques and reduces the need for issuing and handling paper instruments


An app by me is called Photo Frames B210 which is currently up the play store. We rank in top 6 apps for 'photo frames' in the United States and have over 5000 U.S monthly users.

My Strengths

I can learn and adapt quickly. I am robust to changing circumstance. I am an excellent communicator. Lastly, abundant optimism.

Problem Solving

My Resume

A journey from the camels of Cholistan to driving my Audi A6 around Burj Khalifa in Dubai to developing AI for top tech companies in Munich.

My Education
2003 - 2012

2016 - 2017

Semester Abroad - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Semester Abroad at MIT during Master's Computer Science. Enrolled, on campus, Spring '17.

2014 - 2016

Masters Degree - Technical University of Munich

Master's of Science in Computer Science with a major in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Having Master's thesis offer from Intel, UC Berkely and Allianz.

2008 - 2012

Bachelors Degree - National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences

A four year comprehensive Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Final Year project for UML Modeling awarded A+ from Prof. Dr. Qaiser Durrani, (Doc. Of Sci. AI, GWU, USA)

2003 - 2005

O & A-Levels - Board of Examination, University of Cambridge

Full scholarship for two years of GCE A-Level studies. Straight A’s in all subjects in GCE O-levels, 96% in Computing. Real life C++ project done with PTDC Tourism Corp following the SDLC with documentation.

Work Experience
2006 - Now

2016 - Now

Data Scientist - Global Data Analytics Dept - Allianz, Munich

Working on developing AI Systems with Machine Learning. Frameworks: H2O, Nomad, Docker

2015 - Now

Software Developer - Intel, Munich

Working on HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

2012 - 2014

Software Engineer - Habib Bank AG Zurich, Global IT Department

Designed and developed a framework for bank’s mobile application. Implemented UAE Direct Debit System (UAEDDS) removing the need for postdated cheques. Using Eclipse, Linux, SAP Sybase ASE & T-SQL.

2010 - 2010

iOS App Developer - Intern

Developed iOS application for Apple iPhone 4 and iPad

2009 - 2010

Web Developer - True Structure, LLC

Designed and developed backend and frontend of a membership based web portal and affiliate management system. Also integrated a messaging gateway and ARB for payment processing.


Testimonials of people who've worked with me.

Intel Corporation - Am Campeon, Munich, DE

"..I found Zeeshan to be curious for technology.. not afraid to independently experiment with newfound programming paradigms. He found ways to simplify things by breaking them down to smaller steps. He learnt taking calculated risks in turn delivering successfully on a large scale project. He was vocally self-critical and took trainings on personality and ethics offered at Intel. I wish him best of luck at MIT."

Ameen Yousaf
Manager, Platform Engineering Group

Habib Bank AG Zurich - Global IT Department

"He enjoys his work and is dependable. His passion for work excellence and better customer service support drove him to office whenever needed, at times late night, for bug support on relatively complex financial modules. He has sustained that role more months in a year than other developers. His interest to work on challenging development led him to be assigned to mobile framework development which required insight on software design and engineering. The project required communication with people on all levels of the organization including the senior management and he expressed himself well. I remember him as having ample positivity and strong technical skills. I wish him luck for the future."

Mian Mansoor Akhtar
Manager and Senior J2SE Developer


"Zeeshan was a delight to work with. He joined Tintash as a Junior Software Engineer. During his tenure he worked on multiple assignments simultaneously and gave excellent outputs. He is an outstanding performer as a standalone as well as a team player. Has the ability to take technical decisions on complex logics and algorithms faced during game development cycle. I really hope to work with him in future."

Faisal Aleem
Lead Software Development Engineer

True Structure, LLC

"Zee is great to work with and fun as well. Great work."

Rachel Jessop
CEO/Founder - Send Me Life

Skills & Expertise

I try to realize my God-given talents, often working beyond my capacity to to tune them into useful skills, and then using these skills to accomplish goals.




Machine Learning


Web Applications








Knowing multiple tools helps me make the right decision











R (Data Science), x86 Assembly



Competitions help me figure how much I don't know yet. I love competing

Scholarship for 2 years of GCE A-Level studies

Excellence in Academics - 9 Subjects attempted with A+ grades. Year 2006

Winner ACM Young Programmers Of The Year (2008 and 2009)

Won the title for two consecutive years. Beating 160+ programmer teams from all over country

Winner Programmer of the Year 2010

Organized by ACM Student Chapter at NUCES

Bronze Medal Mathematics Quiz at Int'l Schools Educational Olympiad 2008

Issuer: United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan

Winner Ideas Xtreme Competition

At SOFTEC - All Asia Technology Exhibition, FAST-NU

Winner Intel IT Whiz Kid Competition

Crowned IT Whiz Kid Lahore - Awarded an Intel Pentium IV Hyper Threading PC.

Awarded Internship at University of California, Berkeley

Also cleared full time Internship interviews at Amazon.

Milestones Achieved

My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones.


Cups of Coffee


Job Hours Worked


Succesful Projects


Android Apps

Work Process

In professional work environments, I follow the SDLC and recently Agile methodology using tools like Jira, Confluence, Git, Bamboo, Stash etc. Often starting from functional requirements document to design, implementation, testing and maintanance of a system. For my personal projects I follow a work flow that looks like this:

For my personal projects, I follow the following work flow:

1. Brainstorming
2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Code
5. Test
6. Launch

This workflow approach has led me to create powerful products loved by their users. Thorough testing ensures a crash-free user experience, while good clutter-free GUIs add to appeal and useability.

Contact Me

Have a world changing idea you'd like to discuss?


Mohammad Zeeshan


Albany St, Cambridge, MA, 02139